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CreditMonk is a business, shared information network where you can rate the payment habit of companies you have worked with.

On the creditor decides their customers credit worthiness. You, the creditor can rate the payment habit of your customers and benefit from payment publicity to help ensure timely payment.

As reviews build up, you get real on ground credit report of companies and business reviews by other real creditors of the business. A free business credit review that can give you business critical information to decide your credit terms before you work with them.


Distributor A

Mr. Distributor has been in the business for 35 years and as competition has increased and margins reduced, payment delays have become too expensive to his bottom line. He is tired of credit issues and needs to keep calling up for references in the business to understand a customers market reputation and credit worthiness. Considering he gets most of his information from competitors, it might not always be reliable. He has developed high blood pressure in the last 5 years due to uncontrolled credit. Many of his valued customers have a good payment habit but those who don’t cause the bottom line to plunge.

Manufacturer A

Ms. Manufacturer has been manufacturing engineering products for 10 years and does not get paid for even 120 days by some customers. Her customers take product on credit, don’t pay when due, and if she refuses to supply until paid, they buy from her competitor who sells not knowing the payment issues he will also have to deal with. Legal recourse has yielded no benefit and proven to be time consuming and expensive. Bad debts are increasing year on year and causing her to believe its better to shut shop and leave this business.

Professional A

Mr. Lawyer is a Lawyer spending many late nights completing urgent client work. In spite of 18-hour workdays, clients don’t pay and there is no time to keep calling and following up for payments. Many of his clients pay on time but those who don’t, add a high bad debt burden, which means precious time wasted.

Enter creditmonk

They all sign up on creditmonk and decide to put up their reviews so that other people dealing with their debtors know the real picture about the payment issues – Good And Bad.


1. For the good paymasters they put up positive reviews for their good business practices and ethics.

2. For the bad paymasters they rate and review them negatively.


1. Good companies get rated higher and get better credit terms and serve as a positive example to the market

2. Debtors delaying payment get motivated to improve their payment habit

3. Management notices what they might not be aware of

4. Companies who have a “Do a case, we don’t care” -Bully companies due to concern of public shaming start taking notice of their payment habit

The also discover the benefit for company owners to:

1. Claim their profile and add/amend information

2. Reply to reviews and comments about their companies

3. Review other companies they transact with

4. Invite their suppliers/people they work with to review their company

Good Karma

We all make Credit a good word! Sign up its FREE

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