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Guiding Principles

CreditMonk strives to make credit a good word. We hope to be a one step check to understand a company’s market reputation in terms of payment habit, usual credit given and other credit related information. We want to make it easier to do business so the focus can be shifted from getting paid, to giving great service and products!

Being fair is important to us

We follow these simple guiding principles to ensure that first hand, valuable credit information is available to businesses while ensuring there are safeguards and options to improve for the companies being reviewed.

Content Fairness:

  • We never edit or alter content submitted on our site.
  • We never suppress, filter or delete content simply because it is negative/lower-rated, or positive/higher-rated.
  • We apply the same standard of review for all content (whether or not the content concerns an employer client of CreditMonk).
  • We remove content if we have evidence that members were incentivized to leave the content.

Detecting Fraud/Dispute/Issues:

  • We use technology filters & algorithms to detect fraud and gaming, and require email verification or a valid Facebook, Google + or Linked In account for all members submitting reviews.
  • We moderate every piece of content through a two-step moderation process. The first gate of review is technological. We apply sophisticated technology that analyzes multiple attributes of the content. If the content does not pass technological review, a team of human moderators reviews the content to determine if it meets our guidelines. Additionally, a human always moderates any content that is flagged.
  • We stay neutral in all cases of dispute and do not act as the finder of fact.


  • We believe in the principle of anonymity if needed/preferred- everyone has a right to voice their opinion or be heard without fearing retribution or other unwanted attention.
  • We believe each company has the right to respond to a review left by a member.

Please note that CreditMonk uses the term 'content' to describe reviews, photos, videos and other user-submitted content.

Let’s all make CreditMonk, a community that helps everyone and promotes good payment habits. Users should be able to rely on CreditMonk reviews and other user- submitted content to decide on their transactions with reviewed companies. Please follow these guidelines to ensure that everyone can benefit from a helpful, balanced and authentic sharing economy. Please note we reserve the right to remove reviews that do not meet our guidelines and/or are flagged off by other users as suspicious/inappropriate.

Be completely honest

We allow reviews and details that offer insights that can only come if you have transacted with the company. Please be honest and only review if you have indeed had the mentioned commercial transaction with the reviewed company.

Review the good and bad

We hope to believe there's something positive about every company, and that even the companies rated very high have something they can improve upon. So, we invite you to think about them from a few perspectives and include both a pro and a con to provide a balanced review. We expect our reviewers to have at least an equal number of positive company reviews to the number of negative reviews of a company. In any general business bad debt is less than 20% so ideally we would hope that for every 2 negative reviews, a reviewer rates at least 8 other companies positively.

Be respectful

We encourage a healthy and constructive discussion about a company. We don't accept reviews that include malicious personal attacks.?We do allow comments about individuals who represent the public face of the company if they have great influence over the broad work environment (CEO, C-Suite, President, Owner, etc.) and the comments are related to their behaviour in the work environment. We believe this information is generally representative of the company and informative to credit information seekers.

Stay calm

We realize talking about work can get some people wound up, but we don't approve reviews that include certain profanities, or any obscenities, aggressive, or discriminatory language that we consider unacceptable for our community. We will reject reviews that include accusations of, or threats of, violence. (General discussions of workplace misconduct are allowed.)

Stay helpful and relevant

CreditMonk is about sharing information that helps the entire community. We reject reviews that are not useful or meaningful to our community. We will reject any content meant as an advertisement or containing a web link.

Be original

All reviews should be original – no substantial quoted material from other sources, including (but not limited to) websites, e-mail correspondence, other reviews, etc.

No confidential information

There is a difference between providing insight and insider information. Do not submit reviews that reveal trade secrets or other confidential, internal company information.

User good language

Your writing doesn't have to be perfect, but we expect you to make an effort. Please do not use excessive capitalisation or punctuation, poor grammar and/or spelling, improper formatting, nonsense words, repeated words or filler characters.

Showcase good payment habit

We encourage you to post accolades for companies with a good payment habit and overall credit worthiness. Senior/Junior management availability accolades are also welcome when they represent the primary business of the CreditMonk.

Company responses are also moderated using the Guiding Principles. Creditmonk is a great way for companies to be an open company, understand their market reputation and manage their creditor feedback. A few things company owners/representatives should keep in mind:

Update company information:

While our team makes every effort to keep information on Creditmonk up-to-date, we appreciate you letting us know when an update, improvement or addition to information is required the same yourself from your Claimed Company profile.

We love it when companies encourage their suppliers/distributors/others they work with to share honest reviews on CreditMonk, but please do not offer incentives in exchange for reviews. We will remove reviews where we have evidence that companies were

Respond to criticism positively:

Take two deep breaths when you get a negative review. Three, if required. This happens to all companies who have creditors. Take the unflattering reviews as constructive feedback and use it as an opportunity to fix things. Whether you agree with the feedback or not, take the criticism in good stride. You can reply with a management response to show you care, but please don't use this as a platform to hit back. Please choose your words well.


Creditmonk will not moderate any questionable activities about your company posted in reviews. (e.g. fake goods sold, wrongly described products/services sold etc.). First names of employees and mentions of owners will also be left unmoderated. This business requires thick skin – stating the perceived attitude of owners or employees and reporting of individual actions for credit-related situations, are not considered personal attacks.

We expect all of our members to follow these Guiding Principles, as well as CreditMonks Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Creditmonk reserves the right to remove a review or company response at any time for any reason. The reviews approved and posted on CreditMonk are individual and highly subjective opinions. The opinions expressed in reviews are those of users/reviewers and not of CreditMonk or its associated companies. Please note that CreditMonk moderates company responses after they have posted. Therefore, if the response does not meet the guidelines, it may be shown for a short time before we pull it down.

We expect all of our members to follow these Guiding Principles, as well as CreditMonks Terms of Use and Creditmonk reserves the right to remove a review or company response at any time for any reason. The reviews approved and posted on CreditMonk are individual and highly subjective opinions. The opinions expressed in reviews are those of users/reviewers and not of CreditMonk or its associated companies. Please note that CreditMonk moderates company responses after they have posted. Therefore, if the response does not meet the guidelines, it may be shown for a short time before we pull it down.

We welcome photos/videos that are related to credit information and your claim/ratings. Please do not post, photos of marketing material, photos of patients in a healthcare setting, photos that disclose confidential information, photos not relevant to credit ratings, Photo captions must also be considered appropriate in accordance with our Reviews Guiding Principles


You get access for Free so give back!

View and review company ratings, comments, payment habit and other company related data for FREE. So add your reviews and your experience working with businesses to make credit habits of companies an open book. We all help each other to make business better.

You have a way out!

Till now you could call and request and keep following up. Could you go the legal way? Not worth it, could you demand what was really owed to you? Not really! You could basically not do much. Now you can. ? You can applaud the good paymasters. You can complain about the ones not so good. They will care, sooner or later, because it’s public.

Influence & Engage Customers

Maybe your creditor company's senior management does not know there are payment issues in their company; maybe they don’t have reason to care. It’s also possible, your creditors are paid late as their creditors also don’t care and have no reason to pay on time. Now let’s do the Mexican wave on credit, where every link in the chain is tightened and made to pay on time! Improve the full credit cycle. Make every link accountable and payment habit of companies publicly availably.

Use this platform to your advantage!

Improve your bottom line, reduce your interest burden, plan your financials, give terms based on their ratings so you can plan for delays in your costing! Make credit a good word to grow your business and not your fears!

Sometimes we have big credit issues but we are very small fish in the pond. If you’re worried, you can post anonymously. Of course it’s better if you give your details. A review with your details, has more credibility and will move the company being reviewed to action quicker. If you do choose to be anonymous, however, we understand, sometimes there is a need to do so.

We will not display personally identifiable information if you select to post anonymously. We only display your Badge Level and Average review details next to the review to indicate reviewer website use and review balance.

We do have more stringent checks at the back-end to ensure the post/review/comment is genuine. You might receive a call or an email asking for some details in case your review/comment is flagged off as suspicious.

If your review has been removed/not accepted you will receive a message. There are various reasons/back end checks we have to maintain data integrity.

  • You reviewed the same company more than once in a month.
  • The language/content of your review was flagged off as inappropriate
  • Certain rules in our system that are set to avoid competitors writing reviews were flagged off.
  • Certain safeguards in the system to prevent misuse were triggered.
  • The reviewed company provided proof that the review was false.

If your review was rejected and you believe it did not fit into any of the above categories, you can get in touch with us. Please include your name, official email address and any proof you have supporting your review. We will, to the best of our ability, try to reinstate your review if it was flagged off/removed despite being a genuine review that followed our rules/guidelines.

We cannot allow you to edit your review at this moment, so you will have to delete your current review and add a new one thereafter if you need to make any changes. You may only delete any reviews that have been submitted to CreditMonk within 30 days of adding. The same can be done from your User Profile: Reviews tab.

When a current or former creditor submits a review for your company for the first time, your company profile will be created on CreditMonk. There are also instances our team may create company profiles.

Because it is not unlawful for us to host a discussion of specific companies that reviewers have transacted with on our forum, we do not remove companies from our website. You may claim your company account on CreditMonk by fulfilling certain criteria to validate your ownership of the same. You can then see statistics on your company’s profile views, ratings, add company comments, reply to reviews, see company profile statistics and be an Open company by being accessible to your creditors on creditmonk.

We have a free comments section in every companies additional information section. Here companies can detail the issues they have faced or their credit environment after claiming their account. There is also an option to give the companies debtor days (how many days the reviewed company gets paid in)

You also have the ability to reply to reviews and comments. This is meant for companies to explain their stand and at the same time take responsibility and improve any areas that need to be improved. Please do go through our Company Response Guiding Principles before doing the same.

Get Access for Free

View and review company ratings, comments, payment habit and other company related data for FREE.

Build Your Company Brand

Add a logo, complete company profile, manage reviews and be accessible. Be an open company. Share your company reviews on social media and invite suppliers to review your company.

Influence & Engage Suppliers

Get better credit terms, solve queries and build relationships that last.

Turn Analytics to your Advantage

Think of this as your personal insight into your company reputation, relationships and interest of suppliers in doing business with you.

We want to help make credit a good word. We want to make credit information openly accessible so all business/commercial transactions big or small, have a fair platform to work on.

CreditMonk has proprietary technology filters and algorithms in place to detect fraud.

We also hope we can rely on you, our community of users to help monitor the site. If you believe there are fraudulent reviews on a profile, we ask that you flag the review(s). By doing this, you will send the reviews to our Content Moderation Team to be re-moderated and investigated further.

Our policy allows one review per company per month by one company: for one company and upto a maximum of 4 reviews for the same company in one year. Users are allowed to add unlimited reviews for diffferent companies as long as they have had the reviewed transaction with them. If we detect that one user is attempting to post multiple reviews for the same company from different accounts, we will have to remove all reviews from the users account or block his account. Further, if reviewer A has added a review for a company, another reviewer B from the same company as Reviewer A cannot add a review for the same company for the same transactions. This applies to both individual members and company representatives.

We do allow companies to encourage their suppliers to share honest reviews on CreditMonk. However, they are not allowed to offer incentives in exchange for reviews.

There are four main reasons why your request may be denied:

  • Not enough information.
  • Invalid Title.
  • Cannot verify your association with the company.
  • Your position is with a branch or franchise location. We require corporate office approval for these Free Company Accounts.

If your claim your company request was denied for not enough information, please re-apply with completed details on the “claim your company” form. Please be sure that you are including your full first and last name, title, contact details and email address.

If your account was denied for other reasons listed above, we will grant your access if we receive email approval from a publicly verifiable senior executive in your organisation.

The email should come directly from the executive’s email address and include:

  • The executive’s name, title and contact information.
  • Your name, title and work email.
  • A statement that they agree you can speak on behalf of the company on Creditmonk as a Company Representative.

CreditMonks mission is to help people solve their credit issues and make informed credit decisions. So as people leave reviews on CreditMonk and share their experiences, there may be certain cases where reviews offer details of payment habit that could in turn be useful for businesses to know.

For instance, if a company had to offer a bribe to get his payment to someone on the company or face any form of abuse/intimidation, this would be appropriate information to mention in a review because it could help another company determine if they can work with this company or at least be prepared and plan their business and terms with the company accordingly.

If you’re company owner or management and want to add context or perspective, as an official company representative, you can claim your company account and respond to any reviews for your company.

When a company/representative responds, the response is shown to all other’s reading the review.

Companies can choose to respond in different ways: Some refute claims of inappropriate conduct in their dealings while others thank users for bringing it to their attention and promise to look into it further.

As company management, whatever way you choose, we believe a thoughtful, professional response can go a long way in not only balancing a review but showcasing you care about your suppliers and what they think.

If you see something on CreditMonk that you believe violates our Guiding Principles or Terms of Use , you should flag it for our review.

Our content team will then re-review the flagged post and decide whether we think the challenged content should be considered "Prohibited Content" under the Terms of Use. If we agree with the user who flagged the post, we will remove the content. We will reply via email with our decision. Please keep in mind that flagging a piece of content does not guarantee that it will be removed from the site. Because of the diversity of our community, it's possible that something could be disagreeable or disturbing to you without meeting the criteria for being removed or blocked.

We ask our members to understand that we apply the same standard of review for all content (whether or not the content concerns a client of or CreditMonk itself). Ultimately, we do not negotiate about our application of a guiding principle to our final decision, as to whether or not a piece of content warrants removal.

We ask you to include information on why you believe the content is inappropriate.

When you click the flag icon, a text box will open for you to provide information (limit of 1,500 characters) on why you believe the post should be removed.

A member of CreditMonk’s team will review the flagged post and reply back to you with a decision.

  • Click the Flag Icon located below
  • Type the reason you feel the content is inappropriate in the box. NOTE: The information that you type into this box is only seen by our team. It is not shared with the member who posted the review, nor is it ?posted to the site.
  • Click Send?, Your flag comments will be reviewed by a senior member of our team. You will receive an email notification of our decision. 

There are many perspectives and they are correct for the holder of the perspective. When it comes to whether or not the reviews on CreditMonk are true or false, it is often impossible for us to make that determination. We do not remove content in these circumstances, as we do not feel that we can act as the finder of fact. CreditMonk's general position is that a review is valid from the standpoint that it is one person's/companies personal experience of payment habit of the reviewed company.

Each review on our site contains the author's own subjective opinions and may also contain factual statements reflecting that company/individual's personal experience working with a company. When members accept our Terms of Use by submitting reviews, they are representing to us that the factual statements they make (those capable of being proven true or false) are indeed true. Our Terms of Use makes it clear that the user alone is responsible for what they post

As per the recent Supreme Court ruling, a user who has completed a transaction/service with a company, has under the “Freedom of Speech” act, the right to review the same based on his experience.

Supreme Court Petition and Verdict

On April 29, 2013, filed a petition in the Supreme Court of India to nullify India's Information Technology Rules 2011 which threatens to restrict freedom of expression. The petition pleads to the Hon’ble Supreme Court that the IT Rules, 2011 should be struck down because they are so vague that it cannot be predicted with certainty as to what is prohibited and what is permitted. A consequence of this law would be the delegation of essential executive function to private parties like to censor and restrict free speech of citizens or else face legal challenge for user's content. On Monday, March 23, 2015, won the case again Union of India and the article 66A has been struck down by the Supreme Court of India. This is a huge victory for the citizens of India and sets a right precedence in protecting the freedom of speech on the Internet.

Further websites do not have to remove content from their site if they receive notice that the material is defamatory. For more information on this point and others, the Digital Media Law Project has an informative entry on online activities covered by the CDA.

“Users are advised to refer to the Order dated 25th April, 2015 passed in the aforesaid writ petition for a more detailed understanding of the case and not solely rely on the summary provided herein above”

There are many reasons why a review could be removed from CreditMonk:

  • CreditMonk periodically performs integrity checks on our data; or the data was flagged for review. The Content team will re-evaluate the review to determine if it violates our Guiding Principles and remove if necessary.

Due to anonymity concerns, we can not release specific reasons why a review has been removed from CreditMonk. However, if the member who submitted the review contacts us directly, we can discuss the review in further detail.

Creditmonk’s Guiding Principles are recommendations for how users can write reviews, so that other members of our community will find them credible and useful. They also represent an effort to encourage a certain quality of discourse on our site. But while the Guiding Principles help inform our decision on whether or not to remove a particular post, they do not operate as a guarantee that we will remove a post whenever a user claims to have identified an infraction.

As a result of being a user-driven website, companies have the chance to improve their rating if rated low and respond to every review/comment and add company notes if they have claimed their company account.

Private Message in CreditMonk allows members to connect with one another and representatives of Claimed Companies so they can coordinate and collaborate on credit issues.

We hope that by helping each other and sharing openly we will make the payment culture better and ensure others are warned of any bad experiences before they transact with a company.

So know that if a company shared their experience, they probably want to help! Please do not use this functionality to promote businesses or fight with other members.

How It Works

CreditMonk is a business, shared information network where you can rate the payment habit of companies you have worked with.

On the creditor decides their customers credit worthiness. You, the creditor can rate the payment habit of your customers and benefit from payment publicity to help ensure timely payment.

As reviews build up, you get real on ground credit report of companies and business reviews by other real creditors of the business. A free business credit review that can give you business critical information to decide your credit terms before you work with them.


Distributor A

Mr. Distributor has been in the business for 35 years and as competition has increased and margins reduced, payment delays have become too expensive to his bottom line. He is tired of credit issues and needs to keep calling up for references in the business to understand a customers market reputation and credit worthiness. Considering he gets most of his information from competitors, it might not always be reliable. He has developed high blood pressure in the last 5 years due to uncontrolled credit. Many of his valued customers have a good payment habit but those who don’t cause the bottom line to plunge.

Manufacturer A

Ms. Manufacturer has been manufacturing engineering products for 10 years and does not get paid for even 120 days by some customers. Her customers take product on credit, don’t pay when due, and if she refuses to supply until paid, they buy from her competitor who sells not knowing the payment issues he will also have to deal with. Legal recourse has yielded no benefit and proven to be time consuming and expensive. Bad debts are increasing year on year and causing her to believe its better to shut shop and leave this business.

Professional A

Mr. Lawyer is a Lawyer spending many late nights completing urgent client work. In spite of 18-hour workdays, clients don’t pay and there is no time to keep calling and following up for payments. Many of his clients pay on time but those who don’t, add a high bad debt burden, which means precious time wasted.

Enter creditmonk

They all sign up on creditmonk and decide to put up their reviews so that other people dealing with their debtors know the real picture about the payment issues – Good And Bad.


1. For the good paymasters they put up positive reviews for their good business practices and ethics.

2. For the bad paymasters they rate and review them negatively.


1. Good companies get rated higher and get better credit terms and serve as a positive example to the market

2. Debtors delaying payment get motivated to improve their payment habit

3. Management notices what they might not be aware of

4. Companies who have a “Do a case, we don’t care” -Bully companies due to concern of public shaming start taking notice of their payment habit

The also discover the benefit for company owners to:

1. Claim their profile and add/amend information

2. Reply to reviews and comments about their companies

3. Review other companies they transact with

4. Invite their suppliers/people they work with to review their company

Good Karma

We all make Credit a good word! Sign up its FREE

Further details in Guidelines

The story about us

Need :

Doing business but not getting paid. One of the biggest impediments to the $ 1.5 trillion B2B commerce growth in India is the availability of authentic and complete information to allow credit. Most transactions are on clean credit based on very informal sources of references and incomplete or inaccurate information.

Globally credit is an unsolved issue,for the B2B economy exceeding $15 trillion.

Sample India problem numbers

India’s banking industry : $ 1.23 trillion
Current bad loans (4.6%)   : $ 48 billion ( >100 billion :11% if including stressed loans)

India’s Private Industry

Bad Debt as % of net profit : 10-15% 
Delayed Payments : Minimum 50% of sales

A small retailer with sales of Rs. 1 crore/year will be loosing minimum Rs. 50,000 annually as bad debts. Additionally the time and interest loss in delayed payments.

Us :

Monk: Born and schooled in Mumbai, I moved to England for further studies at 17. During my BSc. (Hons.) in Computers and Business, at The University of Warwick and Warwick Business School, I interned at UBS in London, and joined UBS full time, on graduating.

Thereafter I moved to India, worked in family owned businesses, launched a healthier deodorant brand, and decided to launch to solve credit - the biggest issue faced, for growth in the B2B space.

“From a biased perspective. I love CreditMonk. I love the idea, the problem we solve and I would definitely use this website. Unavailability of reliable credit information is the bane of today’s businesses. If we can rate hotels and restaurants which form a small part of our lives, we would definitely rate businesses, with whom following up for payments, takes up most of our waking hours.”

Enter Big Monk: Working in the B2B space for many years, a key issue was the absolute helplessness of business owners in getting their payments on time. 

"Late payment is the silent killer of a business. “ Having worked with large-scale industries, the issue is huge and lowered our profit margin way more than it should. At times, it felt like I was a private bank for customers."

Seeing Poor companies and Rich Owners eat into his peace, and after trying multiple things and absolutely failing, the idea of CreditMonk was his eureka moment.

Solution : We seek to make credit a good word!

Team CreditMonk: A small but super dedicated team of tech and support moderators who love the fact that they will make it way easier for people to do business. And a bigger team of shared resources to ensure we have access to the best support, advice and scalability that we have no doubt we will soon need.

Quick contact

Quick contact

In case of any queries:


Do you like working with team members to drive, lead and execute hands-on initiatives to grow our customer base in a sustainable, repeatable, and affordable fashion. Bring energy in content, sales, technology or creativity to the table?


We give you an opportunity to help shape a big new service and great team from an early stage and be a part of our growth story.

You + Us

As a early stage hire, it is an opportunity to grow rapidly which can be achieved using a high level of creativity, ingenuity, and out-of-the-box thinking. If you work well with a team, work hard and enjoy working, please come work with us!

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